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Whats on in Tendring

Things To Do In Tendring – Clacton Beach And Pier

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Things to do in Tendring

Tendring is a district located in the North East part of Essex, it merges the boroughs of Brightlingsea, Clacton, Harwich, Frinton, Manningtree, Walton and it just seeps into the Western border of Colchester. With Tendring sitauted on the coast this means that every year holiday makers head to this area in the Summer to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With the flood of tourists there becomes so many things to do in Tendring. Clacton On Sea is famously known as an ideal holiday spot for couples and families with plenty of holiday parks in the area and great beaches, not to mention Clacton Pier. There is also Clacton Pavilion Fun Park which has great rides and amusements for people of all ages but there are places like this all the way down the coast with Walton having a great beach and pier. Maybe you're here for a more relaxing and chilled out time, then why not visit one of the luxurious spas for the day and get pampered or catch a show or movie in one of the many theatres and cinema's in Tendring? There are also Leisure Centres with great gym's, football pitches, badminton and tennis courts, swimming pools and basketball courts. A big thing in this area is golf, Tendring is home to many prestigious and well kept golf courses so if you fancy yourself then why not come and test your skills. The list of things to do in Tendring just keeps going and going!

Shopping In Tendring

Are you a shopaholic? Can't go anywhere without popping into a few stores and having a browse around? Then Tendring has got some lovely suprises in store for you! Each area in Tendring will have their own town section that if jam packed with both privately owned businesses and boutiques and also all of the names that you are already probably used to. Frinton On Sea is home to a lovely main street that has everything it has to offer conveniently located on the same street, you could spend all day browsing up this street popping in and out of shops. Clacton has it's own shopping village that has great parking and some lovely clothing stores, home stores, outdoor stores, shoe shops and pretty much anything else you can think of! The best part about all of the areas in Tendring to go shopping is the privately owned businesses and boutiques because you just never know what you might find in them. Come and pick yourself up some treasure by shopping in Tendring. Follow this link to take you to the Things To Do In Tendring shopping category - Click Here

Eating Out in Tendring

Tendring is absolutely chokablock with tasty places to eat, you'll never be able to get through them all. Just about every cuisine you can imagine is available throughout the District Of Tendring to eat in at restaurants, or to take out while staying in your home or holiday accommodation. If you're looking for a great place to get some tasty food then check out our 'Eating Out' category where we conveniently list all of the places you can order food from in the area. There are endless amounts of restaurants in Tendring with all different types of cuisine such as Indian food, Chinese food, Turkish food, American food etc. You name it, Tendring has got it! The amazing thing about today's world is the fact that you can almost match the diversity of food in the restaurants here as the food that takeaways can deliver to your door. So many options that you can choose from and get delivered to the comfort of your own home. That's why you should choose Things To Do In Tendring to help you decide where your going to be eating out or in.