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Fishing Tackle Tendring

We are a fishing tackle shop located in Harwich which is a haven port on the North Sea coast. There’s many great fishing spots in the area and the rest of Tendring. So you can can load up on both sea and fresh water gear as well as all types of frozen and live baits. Our team has great knowledge on fishing in the Tendring district so speak to them if you need any advice or tips.

Inside our store you can find a vast selection of fishing equipment such as:

  • Fishing rods
  • Reels and line
  • Nets
  • Live bait, frozen bait, ground bait and lures
  • Tackle boxes and other handy equipment
  • Fishing clothing

Fishing Tackle Shop In Tendring

We have a great selection baits in store. Whether you are fresh water fishing or fishing in the sea, we’ve got the bait for you. There’s a variety of frozen fish. A selection of different worms including rag worms and maggots. With Harwich being perfectly situated in a port on the coast, there’s lots of fishing spots in the area to choose from.

Cake a look around our fishing tackle shop in Tendring and see what you can find.

Live Bait And Frozen Bait In Harwich

For more information or if you would like to ask a question, simply get in touch. You can find all of our contact details listed right here on this page. Additionally, If you are unsure of where to find us then check out the map which is also on this page to see our exact location. You are more than welcome to stop by any time during our opening hours. Keep in touch with all of our latest news and information by following us on our Facebook page. Be the first to know when we have fresh stock and bait in. It’s also another easy way of communicating with us.

Monday6am – 2pm
Tuesday6am – 2pm
Thursday6am – 2pm
Friday6am – 2pm
Saturday6am – 4pm
Sunday6am – 2pm

Live Bait And Frozen Bait Tendring

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