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Have you got an idea or startup business that you believe in but aren’t sure how exactly to get it off the ground? You need to look no further. Meek is the unique social platform you need. We are a group of like-minded individuals disrupting the world by connecting young entrepreneurs with the capabilities to bring innovative and exciting ideas to the marketplace. There are so many entrepreneurs out there right now eager to take their startup to the next level but are lacking the right tools, support and investment capital to make it happen. Our networking ecosystem is full of entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors who collaborate to bring new ideas and business ventures into reality. That mountain you thought you had to climb just got a whole lot smaller with Meek.

Inside our app you have everything you need to reach your goals. Download and explore our app where budding entrepreneurs are provided with supportive guidance, collaboration, mentorship, events, development, and even financial sponsorship. Other avenues inside of the Meek app include online courses which are CPD validated. This means you can achieve qualifications and training which can make pursuing your goals easier.

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We are dedicated to the education and development of startup businesses and entrepreneurs, especially those students preparing to make the jump from University to the business world. By providing all the tools and resources conveniently in one place we hope to boost yourself and your ventures to the next level. We are your one stop shop for startup growth and support. Connect with like minded people who have faced and overcame issues that you might be facing. There’s a whole ecosystem of mentors who can guide you down the right path. Investors are looking for passionate individuals and promising startup business ideas to finance into the future.

Participate in entrepreneurship and business startup master classes to gain new skills and knowledge to run your business more efficiently. There is an unlimited amount of knowledge to gain within the business world. The more you know, the more successful your business will become. Expand your network in both physical and virtual events. Grow your support system and shoot for the stars. There’s no limit to where you can go.

Our mission to help students, entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors conceive, build, develop, launch, and scale startup companies is bringing in new members each and every day. The only question is, are you ready to take the next step? If you’re ready to engage with other entrepreneurs and find the financial backing for your startup, and join those professional societies that can support you along the way. Then download the Meek app today or sign up on our website here – sign up.

Entrepreneurs, Mentors And Startup Investors

Join societies similar to your industry or create your own society which like minded people can join. This is a great way to connect with people in the same industry or with the same interests. Here you can have discussions and keep people up to date with progress within your startup and how you’ve progressed. You can all share new skills and knowledge to create the perfect environment with the right people that will push you towards your goals.

Head over to our website where you can find more information about Meek and what else we do. Alternatively you can get in touch and speak with one of our helpful team using the contact details found on this page. The best way to explore everything that Meek has to offer is by downloading our app. Sign up today on our website or download the app using the buttons below.

A social platform for Students, Entrepreneurs and Startup Business, Universities, Entrepreneurial Societies, Businessmen, Mentors and Investors. A safe haven for people who want to set up their start up dreams, find people with similar ideas, collaborate with businesses, learn and grow. A place for mentors and investors to seek ideas and businesses to invest in.

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