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Our business networking events are short, sharp and to the point. There is of course some incredible networking organisations around. The issue is that they either have a high price tag attached or it is a lot of time to commit to. We found that they could get a bit dull too. The same pitches, the same formats, we wanted to create something different for business networking events. A catalyst to spark those all important new business connections. A community that listens to the members and is designed to encourage, support, and promotes. Its been moving from strength to strength ever since.

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In 2018 the founder of The WOW Web Network began hosting networking events as part of a bigger team. She quickly realised that not only did she like it but also that she was good at it. Later on she started her own Facebook group which accumulated triple figure members in less than 24 hours. Since being confined to our home in the pandemic, it was noticeable that speed business networking events wouldn’t be the same in the future. Shaking hands, hugging in a room full of people handing out their business cards and leaflets just wasn’t going to happen the same way it use to. The founder thought she would see how this concept of speed business networking would pan out in the online world. Things have just been snowballing since then.

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If you would like anymore information about The WOW Web Network then head over to their website. There’s lots more information there. You can easily get in touch using the contact details listed right here on this page. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about their events.

Another easy way of getting in touch is of course through our social media pages. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can find regular updates and imagery about our latest Networking events. Drop a follow on any of the pages to stay up to date.

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